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Flatmästerskapet, FM, is a championship arranged by the swedish Flatcoated retriever club, FRK. 

The competition is arranged as a working test and is open exclusively for Flatcoated retrievers.

Welcome to Flatmästerskapet 2023

Welcome to Östergötland and “Flatmästerskapet” (FM) 2023 in Krassbäck, Godegård, August 11-13.

Here you will find information that is useful before and during FM. If anything is unclear, don't hesitate to contact us.


  • Location
  • Parking
  • Services at the competition area
  • Preliminary schedule
  • Result reporting
  • Good to know
  • About the competition
  • Starting order
  • Prerequisites
  • Prize ceremonies and finals


The competition will take place in the terrain around Krassbäck, which is the club house of Godegård’s ski club. All WT-stations will be within walking distance from the club house.

Map link:
Coordinates: 58.73747621336311, 15.13819959797116
Drive towards Godegård, approx. 2 km south of Godegård, follow the sign "2 Skidstuga". From there it is signposted towards FM2023.


Parking is only allowed in the designated parking area. You will be guided to the parking lots upon arrival. Please leave a note in the windscreen with your name and mobile number if we need to reach you.

It is not allowed to stay overnight in the parking lot or competition area.

Services at the competition area


Temporary toilets are available outside, next to the club house and in the competition area. The toilets inside the club house are only for the staff. 

Food and drinks
• You can buy hot meal from Trucken street food
• Coffee, cookies, soft drinks and sweets is also available to buy at the club house
Payment in cash (SEK) or Swish. The food truck also accepts account/credit cards. 

Vendors at site

Two local vendors will be on site selling their dog/hunting products:
Revatorpet's dog store

Daily (Friday to Sunday) from 9:00 am you can buy lottery tickets at the secretariat with fine prizes. The winners will be announced at the daily awards ceremony and on the Facebook page. Price is SEK 20/ticket and is paid through swish or cash. Maximum 5 tickets/person and day. 

Healthcare and Emergency
First aid kits are available in the secretariat, for both dogs and humans (Call +46 730 707882).
In case of emergency, call 112.
Defibrillator is available at the club house. 


No vet will be available on site. In case of emergency, please contact any of the veterinary clinics nearby:

• Motala Djurklinik, +46 141-21 09 71, distance approx. 25 min (open daytime, weekdays)

• Eköns Smådjursklinik Motala, +46 141-23 94 00, distance approx. 25 min (open daytime, weekdays)

• District veterinarian Borensberg, +46 10-122 89 60 (on call 24 hours a day), distance approx. 35 min

• Evidensia Valla animal hospital in Linköping (on-call in the evenings and weekends, daytime), +46 13- 31 54 40, distance approx. 55 min

• AniCura Jägarvallens animal hospital Linköping (on call at weekends, daytime) +46 13-21 25 10, distance approx. 50 min

• Smådjurskliniken Askersund, +46 583-600 13, distance approx. 30 min (open daytime, weekdays)

• Smådjursveterinären Örebro, daytime +46 73 615 29 94, distance approx. 1 hour.


Preliminary schedule

Thursday, August 10: Opening of FM2023 at 6.00 p.m (live broadcast via Facebook)

Friday, August 11: Beginners class – Nkl (all day, start at 8.00 a.m)

Saturday, August 12: Youth class - Ukl (before lunch) + Veterans - Vkl (after lunch) and Open Class - Ökl (all day, start at 8.00 a.m)

Sunday, August 13: Elite class, Ekl (before lunch, start at 8.00 a.m) + Finals Ökl & Ekl (approx. at 1.30 p.m.)

Result reporting

Results will be reported live online, we will publish the link via our digital channels before the competition starts.
Our ambition is to broadcast also the prize ceremonies live through the Facebook page.

Good to know

● The competition area is on private property. Signs and barriers must be respected.
● All garbage must be picked up and placed in the garbage bags, this also applies to dog poo in the whole area (even the forest).
● Mind your dog - your car can quickly become fately hot. Leave a note in the windscreen with your name and mobile number if we need to reach you. (If needed, we’ll break a window and rescue the dog.)
● Remember water for yourself and your dog and prepare ways to keep your dog cool!
● Smoking is prohibited in the forest due to the high risk of fire. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.
● We will take photos and video filming continuously throughout the weekend and these may be published in our communication channels. Please, notify the secretariat if you do not want to appear on film or photos.

About the competition

The competition is a working test (WT), SSRK's rules and instructions are applied, but with a special arrangement for the beginner class due to the large number of participants.

Special arrangement in the beginner class

As we have a huge number of participants at this year's FM, especially in the beginner class, we have a special arrangement for that class, that will offer all participants to start and complete a full WT.

The beginner class is divided into two groups (A and B) and complete the competition just like a normal WT, however with one double station, where two different tasks are completed in the same place and for the same judge. Therefor there are only four judges per group.

When each group is finished, we will pick out the best participants from each group (approx 5 from each group) that will run two more stations in a finale qualification round. These two stations are judged by the same judge for all participants. The participants keep their points from the first rounds into the finale qualification round. When the finale qualification round is finished, we will have a result with the top five participants in beginners class.

Starting order

We have an all-time high of entries for this year's Flatmästerskap and it is super important that everyone respects start times and number order.

We will not have a joint gathering before the start. You go directly to station 1 at the specified time, see the schedule for start times in the PM. When you are done with station 1, you go directly to station 2, etc.

It is your responsibility to be in the right place when it is your turn and it is of the utmost importance, given the number of participants, that we all help each other to follow the time schedule for the day.

Note that the starting order must not be changed. This means that if you miss your start at one station, you cannot participate in the remaining stations.

If, for any reason, you choose to not complete all stations, you need to inform the hosts at the stations you are not starting.


  • Each participant has a limited time at each station, the judge decides if/when the time is exceeded.
  • At each station there is written information describing the task at station. The host will also explain it to you. Make sure you have understood the task and ask if anything is unclear. Then you go to the designated place, the judge will not explain the task station can give a maximum of 20 points.
  • Participants with 0 points on any station cannot proceed to the final.
  • Participants that have received 0 points on a station cannot be placed ahead of a participant with points from all stations.
  • The points in the preliminary round are withheld into the final.
  • The participants with the highest points advance to the finals in ÖKL and EKL, the final gives a maximum of 20 points.
  • In case of equal points, the one with the highest points in the final wins, then the one with the most 20 points, 19 points, and so on until the participants can be separated.
  • There may be que at the stations, bring something to sit on and water for you and your dog.

Prize ceremony and finals

NKL - no final, prize ceremony after the placement round on Friday afternoon.

UKL and VKL - no finals, prize ceremony on Saturday afternoon. At the ceremony we will also announce the finalists in ÖKL.

ÖKL and EKL - Final round in ÖKL and EKL respectively on Sunday after the EKL preliminary round is finished. Afterwards, prize ceremony for both classes and the crowning of this year's “Flatmästare”.